We're your specialists.

We specialise in plumbing, pipework, swimming pool facilities, engine rooms, repairs, installations and maintenance.

Our Services

Fontanería Bonaigo provides the highest quality services to our owners, builders and contractors by creating a relationship of trust throughout the entire repair, installation or construction process.



Repairs, refurbishments and new installations. Pressure pumps. Water treatment (decalcifiers, osmosis).



All types of installations, radiators, underfloor heating, low-consumption condensing boilers. Heat pumps. Reduction of household energy consumption.

Swimming pool installation

We install all kinds of hydraulics and accessories for swimming pools.

Pressure pumps

Installation of pumps and pressure pumps. Water treatment and emergency repairs. 


Solar energy

Solar thermal panels for hot water, heating and domestic and industrial use to make solar photovoltaic energy profitable as an inexhaustible source of renewable energy.


Air conditioning


We work with leading brands, such as Mitsubishi, Daikin, Hisense, EAS Electric and Panasonic.

Quality and commitment

We provide an end-to-end technical assessment of the project you want to have done. Our vast experience in the industry, our serious approach and our quality installations are our best endorsement.

We’ve opened our new store in Campos where you can find a vast range of exclusive DHW units, taps, accessories, furniture, spa installations and air conditioning units. Product quality and an end-to-end service with a personalised approach.


  • Tel: 669 38 64 88
  • Carrer Nou, 1
  • Campos – Mallorca